Consistories and Meetings

18th. June 2019

Dear Companions
On Tuesday evening the Provincial team visited the Godric Consistory for their installation, and it had been agreed that there would also be a Preparation ceremony and this would done by the Provincial team. It was also decided that the province would invite the Province of Essex to attend and if they had any companions that needed their preparation to bring them along and we would include them in the ceremony. The Asst. Prov Grand Summus took the chair for the preparation ceremony for the ten companions, two companions from Essex and eight from East Anglia who did their preparation ceremony and this was done to a very high standard. The President of Godric Consistory Dist Comp.Will McColl then installed his successor this was also done to a very high standard. It was great to see so many companions at both the meeting and the festive board, apart from a Provincial meeting I have not seen so many companions attending a consistory meeting. The atmosphere was great, and this was also the feeling of the Provincial Grand Summus for Essex R.Dist Comp.Ray Clare. Long may this visiting between Consistories and other Provinces continue.

Keith McCully
Provincial Grand Summus in Charge

8th. May 2019

Dear Companions
I had the pleasure of seeing three of our members receive their 4th. Grade at M.M.H on Wednesday the 1st. of May they were David Price – Richard Hawes and Fred Steed. I was also very pleased to see so many companions from East Anglia there to support them.
I attended the Grand Senatus on the 2nd.of May Where I saw two of our companions receive their Grand Ranks and they were Keith Parks Deputy Grand Sword Bearer and John Wilson as Grand Steward, these were both active ranks also our Provincial Recorder Tom Auber who received a promotion to Past Grand Registrar, and again I was very pleased to see so many companions from our province attending and supporting these companions and this wonderful order and I thank you all.
I have more good news on Tuesday the 3rd. of December we have two of our companions receiving their 5th.Grade and they are Companions Cliff Arndt Snelling and James McKee, this will also be at M.M.H and again I hope many of you will be there to support them.
Keith McCully
Provincial Grand Summus in Charge

From our Deputy Provincial Grand Summus in charge
Dist.Comp. Keith Cedric McCully, P.G. Herald

26 March 2019

Dear Companions
At our last Provincial meeting it was agreed that the alms collection should go to the Nook Appeal, a new children’s hospice in Norfolk, and I also asked if you could possibly donate one of your consistory alms collections to this appeal. I am now thrilled to be able to inform you that we donated £500.00 to the Nook Appeal which will purchase 5 bricks to be placed in the pathway inscribed with : SCARLET CORD. EAST ANGLIA on each brick. Again many thanks,

DPGS ( In charge )

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Order of the Scarlet Cord

Companions I have been lucky enough to have visited two Provincial meetings over the last two weekends, one in Plymouth and one in West Yorkshire both held on a Saturday mornings. The reason I am telling you about this is because you do not have to be a senior officer in the Scarlet Cord to make these visits, anybody can attend and you will always be made very welcome both at the meeting and the festive board afterwards. I feel visiting is a very important part of masonry in all the orders and you do not have to go to other provinces to visit, you can just go round all the consistories in your own province and you will be surprised who you see, and I know that you will always be made welcome and have a good time. I go to most of the meetings in our province and if you think you would like to come with me just drop me an email and I am sure you will enjoy seeing how the other consistories do their work and making new friends. Also if I am able to attend another province I would always be pleased to take you with me ( but being a tight Yorkshireman you would have to pay for your own meal but travelling would be free.)

Yours in the friendship of the Order

Dist.Comp.Keith McCully Asst.P.G.S

Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord
Province of East Anglia
Dear Companions
I have again had the privilege of being able to attend two more Scarlet Cord meetings one in Birmingham and one in North Yorkshire, and of course I met other companions at both meetings who I did not know at the start of the meetings, but felt that by the end of the meetings I had made more friends and I shall be looking out for them at other meetings when I visit. At both of the meetings the ceremonies were of a very good standard and well attended. On the visit to Birmingham I was accompanied by our Provincial Secretary Tom Auber and on the visit to North Yorkshire I was lucky enough to travel with our Provincial Grand Summus Peter Rollin – Tom Auber and our provincial D.C Geoff Keer, BUT this does not mean that only the provincial executive can travel to other provinces any companion can attend and if you are interested in going to other provinces please contact our provincial secretary Tom Auber and he will put you on his distribution list and then you will receive the calling notice and then if you want to go let him know and will find someone who can take you, but you do have to pay for your own lunch.
Keith McCully
Asst. Prov.Summus.

Kenneth Rager Consistory No. 6 TI

The Masonic Rooms
Redenhall Road
IP20 9EN

Meeting on the First Wednesday in March & Second Wednesday in October (I)

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The Suffolk Consistory No. 20 TI

Freemasons Hall
Soane Street

Meeting on the Third Wednesday Morning in October (I) & Fourth Tuesday Morning in May

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Peter Racey Consistory No. 54 TI

The Oaklands Hotel
89 Yarmouth Road

Meeting on the First Thursday in January & Fourth Wednesday in May (I)

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Ronald Thompson Consistory No. 55 TI

King's Lynn Masonic Centre
9 Hamburg Way
King's Lynn
PE30 1JS July Meeting (Installation)

Masonic Hall
Mill Road
NR11 6WA November Meeting

Meeting on the Third Tuesday in July (I) & First Tuesday in November

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New Dawn Consistory No. 78

Masonic Hall
New Road
IP13 9EH

Meeting on First Wednesday in September (I), Last Tuesday in January & First Monday in April

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Godric Consistory No. 90

St. Edmund Masonic Centre, Ashlar House
23 Eastern Way
Bury St. Edmunds
IP32 7AB

Meeting on Third Monday in January & Third Tuesday in June (I)

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