The Tzaddikim is the personal ‘Body Guard’ of the Grand Summus, and discharges duties in a similar manner to the Grand Supreme Ruler’s Arch of Steel.

The oral tradition of Judaism in its written form is the Talmud. The teachings of Abbaye and others stated that the world would need at least 36 righteous people to exist.

The word ‘Tzaddikim’ means righteous persons’; the singular of Tzaddikim being Tzaddik.

The teachings of Abbaye discuss these 36 Righteous people and what would be the consequences if at any one time the number 36 was not fulfilled, could the world be re-deemed?

The Jewish religion teaches us that there are always not less than 36 Tzaddikim or Righteous people in the world and they receive the Shekinah.

In simplistic terms they protect the Jewish people in time of trouble. The identity of the ‘Tzaddikim’ always remains concealed.

In later Kabbalistic folklore the thirty six righteous ones, here being called hidden ones,

have the potential to save the world, they appear when they are needed, and one of them might be the Messiah.

They come at times of great peril, called out of their anonymity and humility by the necessity to save the world.

The word Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘to receive or to accept’. The word is usually translated as ‘tradition’.

The English word “cabal” (a secret group of conspirators) is derived from the Hebrew word Kabbalah; and it has a dark connection.

This is not so in Judaism. Perhaps the best way that I can describe Kabbalah is as ‘Esoteric Judaism, perhaps Jewish Mysticism, but using wisdom for the seeking of fulfilment’.

The Kabbalah asks us to imagine if there is a miraculous source of power so profound, so powerful, it could totally heal and transform your life and change the world for good.

It argues it is the oldest and most influential wisdom in all of human history.

Spiritual and physical laws that govern the cosmos and human soul are revealed; providing solutions and unravelling puzzles; creating order out of chaos.

The source of the Kabbalah is the ancient book of Zohar. Some historians claim that the Zohar is the authentic ‘Holy Grail’.

The qualities that make a ‘Tzaddik’ or Righteous Person are that he must be a just, faithful and upright person; he must refrain from wrongdoing and make an effort to establish what is right.

The marks of a righteous man, according to Jewish thinking, are the sincerity of purpose and the strenuous endeavour to accomplish it.

The righteous man who has fallen into sin is distinguished by his repentance.

Those who are members of the Grand Summus’ Tzaddikim undertake much responsibility but in every way fulfil the criteria laid down all those years ago.

The choice of the name of the Grand Summus’ bodyguard was the subject of much discussion at Way Forward Committee meetings.

After much debate Peter Rollin proposed that the bodyguard should be called ‘The Tzaddikim’. How appropriate and what an inspired choice.

Provincial Tzaddikim 2022 - 2023


Comp. Jeff Rafftree . . . . . Captain

Comp. Alec Spall . . . . . . .Deputy Captain

Comp. Ken Fox . . . . . . . . Member

Comp. Albert Denty . . . . . .Member

Comp. Michael James . . . . . Recorder

Comp. M Spall . . . . . . . . Member